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Founded in 2010, Jaystar packaging (Shenzhen) ltd. expanded its operation and integrated its production architecture into the Group of Tai'an'da Printing which is headquartered in HK and with more than 150 employees in 2016. Our company provides overall packaging solutions covering packaging design, graphic design, research, sales, production and services of paper artwork for all products.

With the international appeal of environmental protection in recent years, special design and manufacturing of paper packaging become a popular trend, mainly including packaging boxes, corrugated boxes, exquisite craft boxes, high-end gift boxes, wine boxes, bags, paper shopping bags, display stand, paper cards, paper logo, envelopes, brochures,cardboard boxes and other paper products.

The company is located in Shenzhen, a coastal city of Guangdong province which is known as "the window of the world". It is convenient for shipment either by sea or by air, same for container in and out of our factory.

As of April 2016, Jaystar supplies to more than 25 countries covering Europe, Australia,North America, South America, Asia etc. Jaystar management structure to higher efficiency in production, on-time delivery, strict double inspection of all products before shipmentto ensure the product quality with the best value.

Depend on Jaystar to build your business-we won't let you down.